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Philosophy and Particulars

My approach has always been to learn what a student's needs and desires are. From there, I create lesson plans each week that build upon that foundation, taking students as far as they wish to go. Many new students, however, don't have particular needs or desires. They just know they want to learn the guitar. Therefore, I have a course of action that gets a student started with the basics and is structured progressively, building the students confidence each week. I have taught students from age five to age ninety-two. Over the years I have gained a breadth of knowledge about how students learn and respond.


 My students learn:

  • How to read standard musical notation.

  • How to read tablature.

  • How to play basic chords with simple strum patterns.

  • How to fingerpick. 

As students progress, they learn:​

  • Barre chords.

  • Improvisation.

  • How to play their favorite songs and pieces from rock, country, blues, jazz, folk and classical musical styles.

Students are also encouraged to perform at recitals.​

Lessons, policy and fees: Lessons


Lessons are thirty minutes long, once a week. Forty-five minute and hour lessons are available to advanced students. Lesson fees are due the first lesson of every month for the entire month. Rates and availability will be disclosed at the time of inquiry. 

Forms of payment accepted:

  • Zelle

  • PayPal, friends and family.

  • Venmo

  • Check

  • Cash

Policy, procedures and expectations:

  • Attendance. Good attendance is necessary for progress in learning a musical instrument.

  • Make-up lessons and rescheduling. Canceling lessons with less than 24-hour notice may result in forfeiture of the lesson and fee. However, make-up lessons will be offered with less than 24-hour notice for extenuating circumstances.

  • Credits. Credits on the next month's lessons are offered only when I cancel the lesson.

Lessons, policy and fees: Text
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