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A Patient Music Instructor

   In the summer of 1979, I received my first guitar. My dad and I were at a department store and I saw this guitar hanging on the wall, and I said, dad, look, a guitar! I'd like to play that! Can we get it?  Well, I admit, I don't remember my exact words, but it was something to that effect. My dad--a big fan of country music, and seeing that the guitar was not expensive--agreed to buy it for me. I played it, learning some basic chords from a book that came along with it. By Christmas of that year, I was ready for an upgrade, and I got a decent electric guitar. I also realized that I'd hit a plateau with my playing, and asked for lessons, which I begun in January, 1980. I had solid instruction from my teacher who stressed the importance of fundamentals, which I still value to this day. I had found my self-confidence through playing the guitar and by immersing myself in music. 


   I went on to study at the Shortridge School of Performing Arts, where I was taught how to refine my playing through the study of classical guitar. I also gained a breadth of knowledge about music with theory and history courses. After high school I was accepted to the Ball State University School of Music, and received the Young Artist Award, which is the highest merit scholarship offered by the university. 


   After Ball State, I went on to study at the graduate level at Illinois State and Indiana Universities. I taught class guitar and private lessons to undergraduate non-music majors. Since 1993, I've been teaching privately in the greater Indianapolis area, instructing students of all ages, levels and styles. My philosophy is not a one size fits all approach, but rather, a tailored approach. Through the years, I've learned that each student is unique with different learning styles, needs and desires.

Phil Lashley, guitar instructor.

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